For those who appreciate the finer things in life food and drink plays a crucial role, and it is vital that every aspect of this is more than just a experience: it needs to be truly perfect. From the quality of the produce to the preparation and serving, there are many people and businesses involved in putting together a good spread, although many are often overlooked.

As such the Food & Drink Awards 2016 is designed to acknowledge outstanding performance within the food and drink industry. Every day, food and drink companies across the world provide their customers and consumers with excellent service, and it is our aim to recognise these companies and reward them for their services.

Each of our award winners is chosen through a combination of votes gathered from our network of respected industry partners and our own rigorous in-house research.

Every one of our winners can truly rest assured that their recognition was deserved, as we carefully scrutinise everything from a nominee's region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of our prestigious trophies.

Once your win is confirmed we feel you should be able to showcase it to the full. As such we work with all of our nominees and winners to promote their success throughout their industry and beyond and making sure they gain maximum exposure and really benefit from their win.

Voting is now closed. Winners will be announced shortly.

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